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In Her Majesty's ServiceHow Will You Serve?

A campaign trailer advertisement for a Savage Worlds tabletop rpg, called In Her Majesty's Service.

In Her Majesty's Service is an episodic-type campaign, where the player characters are secret agents of the royal crowns, sent to fight against enemies that are trying to reclaim the power of the sun and moon through ancient arts…but in so doing, may usurp the Princesses' rule of Equestria!

Tl;dr version: Secret spy hijink shenanigans against a backdrop of mad science, magic voodoo, and giant bucking dragons. With ponies. Because ponies are cool. Or at least really freaking cute.

And we would love to have new players! If you're interested in joining, comment/PM here on DA, via our shiny new Inquiries Form, or via our forum threads here or here. Don't worry if you've never played a tabletop game before – we were all newbies too, and because the campaign is episodic a new character can easily join! Or you can just follow our exploits via all our campaign logs. That's cool too 8D
Behind The Flash:

For those that like poking around, there's one Easter egg in this flash! Because I gotta have the lulz.

I actually had the vague planning for this way back in October-ish, but could not work out a soundbite that fit a 5 to 6 beat pattern and wasn't a gazillion seconds long (because otherwise it would've taken me another five years to finish). For simplicity and the fact that I cannot draw ponies for the life of me, I stuck with my super-cool-awesome cheat of using silhouettes they totally look more badass this way anyway

This also marks my first completed fight with Actionscript 3.0, which was a joy to use after wowsers two years since I last published a Flash which used AS 2.0 geez. AS3, if not for the fact that you're pushing the new motion tween so hard, and the cool 3D rotation tool (that I didn't use), I would stick to AS 2.0 as bff.
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Note-Worthy Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Might I still be so insane as to...find an interest in this?  And it will help me run side things while I gain confidence for my seafaring thought of the HMS Reliance.  To quote Benedict Cumberbatch: "You know where to find me."
Toboe-LoneWolf Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
;D We're all just a little cracked, why else would we still be on this secret spy shenanigan ship? 

From here on out though I'd like to stay (roughly) on the campaign-plot ship (ie, ponies go fight purple crystal stuff), mostly because otherwise we'll forever be wandering aimlessly. I at least have more of a backstory for the campaign now than I did several months ago!
Note-Worthy Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
And having run Flashpoint for almost a year now has taught me a thing or two  Awesome animation, by the way.

Let me regain full consciousness, get back from work and all of that other fliffty-floof, then it's back to the drawing board.
hecmanstar Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Equestria needs you! 
Toboe-LoneWolf Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
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June 12, 2014
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